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According to Statista, at the beginning of 2021, there were already more than 5 million mobile apps on the market, offered from the main stores such as the App Store or Google Play.

The following are some new trends we may see in 2022 as a result of the technology revolution that does not stop, that adapts to changes and always seeks to meet the diverse needs of users:



According to Statista, 5G technology will not only be one of the main trends in mobile application development. It will have a significant impact in 2022 and beyond.

With its speed, which is claimed to be 100 times faster than 4G networks, the network will transform many industries, such as gaming, and provide a great opportunity to stream better-quality videos, integrate AR/VR into mobile apps, add more interconnected IoT devices, and make mobile payments more secure and faster.

As a result of a 5G network connection, both the speed and efficiency of apps on devices improve significantly. In addition, it allows more cell phones to be connected simultaneously, making it increasingly popular.

Despite this, 4G will remain the most accessible network for a few more years, but 5G will expand and be installed over time.


2-AI y Machine Learning

AI has long been used in mobile development for facial recognition, but companies have been noticing that its benefits extend well beyond that. With AI, they are not only reducing app development time and costs, but also improving security and the user experience.

App security has been transformed by artificial intelligence, allowing online payment solutions to use facial recognition and biometrics to identify and protect users. In addition, algorithms that analyze user behavior can detect fraud and suspicious activity.

Artificial intelligence is also a key component of image recognition, voice assistance, natural language processing and data analysis, as well as chatbots and other formulas for personalizing the user experience in mobile applications.

In Intermedia, we implemented Artificial Intelligence for the recognition of images for detecting diseases in cannabis, hemp and tomato leaves. It is a solution oriented to unifying the nature of the problems and their respective treatments, along with one that provides immediate solutions. This facilitates remote work, control and information flow, especially when the main grower is not on the premises.


3-IoT (Internet of Things)

This technology provides everyday comforts such as the management of lights or household appliances through a cell phone.

In 2022, we can expect to see more IoT-related conveniences, including smart home management and security.

However, IoT is not only beneficial and convenient in homes, but also in other industries like agriculture, through solutions that incorporate both software and connected devices to the internet cloud. They include cameras, temperature, pressure humidity, and lighting sensors, among others, which provide important information to facilities managers.



People are increasingly choosing to shop online, which has prompted many retailers to develop their own mobile apps so they can offer a better shopping experience.

M-commerce differs from e-commerce in that purchases are made through a mobile application rather than a website.

This is definitely one of the mobile development trends to watch out for this year.


5-Accelerated Mobile Pages to AMP

An open source platform launched to create simple mobile web pages that load instantly, reducing the number of JavaScript and CSS elements and using a content distribution network. The advantages include not only fast loading for mobile users, but also adaptability to various browsers as well as mobile-friendly SEO.

In addition, non-server architecture is a method that avoids system overload, data loss or high development cost. Cloud computing makes it possible to replace conventional servers to reinforce the architecture of applications in order to increase their flexibility. Using this technology, tasks such as backups, sending notifications and exporting files are performed at high speed.



In this article, we have made a compilation and analysis of the main trends in mobile application development that will mark us in 2022. There are many more innovations that will influence the industry this year, but we believe that these are key to keep in mind this year.

Also, we consider it essential for the IT department to be aware of new trends and keep up with them, considering that changes evolve rapidly.

At Intermedia, we have been developing technology-based solutions for more than 10 years, especially software, for clients with international quality requirements. This forces us to always be at the forefront of trends, innovations and what our customers need us to solve.