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The Beginnings
Intermedia was born in April 2012, while Santiago Carliski and Maxiliano Cassola were studying systems engineering at the University of “Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires”, located in Tandil.
Over the next four years the company started developing mobile applications for hybrid platforms and iOS systems, for a variety of clients.
In 2015 the most important media cable company in Argentina, Cablevisión asked Intermedia to develop “Project Audio TV”, a project that consolidated the company in the market of App developers. “Project Audio TV” was a huge success for Intermedia because it challenged the local engineers and defied current mobile platforms, using backend and frontend infrastructure for different mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, as well as UX-UI.
In 2016 Guillermo Pomeranz and Brenda Mana Pastrian became partners at Intermedia, the latter left the company months later, and moved to the USA. From that moment on, Guillermo, current commercial director, took direct control of the finances and administration department.
During 2017 the company flourished and was hired to develop different projects throughout the Americas. During the next two years the main KPLs doubled, and our clients started to acknowledge the high quality of the services provided.
Finally, in 2020 we relocated to a broader and more comfortable space to be able to meet the needs and standards of our staff and clients. We continued to grow rapidly, and this 2021 Intermedia obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification which confirms our continuous improvement and consolidates a strong and dynamic business structure that helps us face the challenges posed by every new project and the cultural diversity of the latitudes we work with.
About Intermedia
Intermedia is a company specialized in software development, funded and handled by a group of proactive professionals in the tech industry passionate for the creation of edgy and innovative products. Over the last nine years we have built a strong portfolio of software solutions and have worked along the most important Argentine companies such as Telecom Group, Makro Supermarkets and RedLink. We have also exported our services to global startups and foreign companies.
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Guillermo Pomeranz

Head of Business

Santiago Carliski


Maximiliano Cassola


Sofia Christensen

Head of People & Wellness

Facundo Andrade

Android Lead

Francisco Cabral

Backend Lead

Juan Rodriguez Alvarez

Artificial Intelligence Director

Irene Maiarú

UX/UI Lead

Esteban Andrade

iOS Lead

Agustina Otegui

Digital ecosystem & Partnerships

Juan Ignacio Martel

Full stack web & Mobile developer
Intermedia offers high quality software development services, providing its clients with extra value at every step of the way.
The company is committed to continuous improvement through different angles, not only by offering technological innovations, but also highlighting the human aspect. This is why our team members always take center stage and are provided with constant opportunities of personal and professional development.
We want to become strong references in our business sector, a place where clients from all around the world can satisfy their demands for technological innovation
At the same time, we want to become a company where people choose to work for the possibilities of growth we offer and the importance we give to human warmth.

Passion for what we do

Personalized attention and individual treatment

Full trust in our team and our clients

Continuous learning

Dedicated work, perseverance and constancy

Personal and professional growth

Sense of belonging


Result oriented (visible individual and team accomplishments)

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