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In general, this service is offered after the developmental phase is finished, still, on certain special occasions, we may take on third-parties developments and provide care and maintenance for software solutions that haven’t been designed by us.
Intermedia offers two different upkeep services, one that is purely corrective and works as an extended guarantee provided to fix those problems that may occur after a project has been developed. The second possibility is the evolving upkeep, which consists of the amplification of the capacity of the software and its upgrade for current needs. To achieve this goal Intermedia offers a package of monthly hours used specifically to upgrade your software.
Minimum hiring requirements
40 monthly hours
Minimum hiring requirements
12 months
Fees per hour
Depending on the level of experience required and the technology. Send us your question and we will answer you shortly.

Access to support teams when needed

Long term software upkeep

Improvement of the service quality

Software investment protection

Possibility of upgrading previous developments