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The client hires a multi-disciplinary team of Intermedia professionals that will be at full disposition to achieve the scheduled objectives and goals.

The teams are formed according to the special requirements of each project, and emerge after a thorough analysis of the proposal, the technological demands and the specific needs of the project.

A dedicated team implies a combination of professional profiles that are customized for each project. Some might be more oriented toward planning and execution, like the Project Manager or Technical Manager, and others toward development, like Android developers, iOS, backend and frontend developers. Our teams can also include graphic designers and professionals from the art world, such as the experts on user experiences and interphases. We also offer QA, Devops professional profiles and Functional Analysts.

It may occur that all the team is summoned in special situations to work on the project full time, but generally our team members will collaborate only when needed. This makes the service even more attractive, because clients pay only for what they need, every step of the way. Certainly, this is the best option for those companies that require a team of technicians on demand to achieve complex goals.

There will be moments in which some of the team members will be working less and others in which they will be dedicated full time. to the project.

Minimum hiring requirements
Team of three professionals
Minimum hiring requirements
Six months
Fees per hour
Depending on the level of experience required and the technology. Send us your question and we will answer you shortly.

Reinforcement of the developing area

Increase in the speed of the execution

Rapid fulfillment of goals and objectives

Possibility of starting new projects

Fusion and incorporation of new knowledge and solutions

Reduction of operative inefficiencies