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Project Details

Project focused on telemedicine. It’s a native iOS and Android project that runs on phones and tablets. It is focused on assisting people with Lupus.


There are several projects that seek to address the same issue, but this one is particularized by allowing users to schedule meetings with nurses, and maintain a consultation chat, in addition to being able to support video calls with rooms that work during the shift among others. Through a dashboard, the user is allowed to track symptoms and different measurements that is record over time. For greater user security an authentication method with auth0 was implemented.


The app has a very well achieved in matter of UX / UI, resulting in a very good acceptance by users, from usability to general aesthetics. In order to implement video calls and chat with patients, we used a well-known platform: twilio, through the implementation of the client’s SDK.






Mobile Development Team


September 6, 2021