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Project Details

AGTECH and IoT solution based on machine learning focused on addressing the main problems facing cannabis and industrial hemp crops.

This solution allows, among other things, to represent and calculate the NDVI, based on a combination of software and hardware, with which the producer is be able to calculate the NDVI at a low cost.

The NDVI is the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index or Green Index. It is a snapshot of how much photosynthesis is happening at the time of capture, it is used to assess health or vegetative stress.

This index can show how healthy or how sick a plant is by looking at the leaves in another color range. In this case, it is used in conjunction with machine learning mechanisms to discover which is the NDVI that provides the highest yield for cannabis or industrial hemp plants.

With the control applied technology the grower, headquarters and customers or agencies will be able to access deep, real-time information about the plants status  from germination to harvest.

As a result, quality standards are centralized throughout the process, with clear and precise information to be shared, allowing other analysis dimensions to be generated.

It also provides an early warning system that notifies growers of problems in their plants. Either identifying the healthy ones, the sick ones, based on the detection of patterns associated with pests. This allows the producer to solve the problem quickly, saving time and supplies.