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Project Details

A software, AI and IoT project carried out by Intermedia’s R+D (Research and Development) team.

For the following project, a prototype device was created to capture images and data from the environment to feed AI-based models that detected plant diseases.

The device has:

  • An electronic board developed in-house.
  • A Raspberry Pi microprocessor.
  • Two cameras (RGB and NOIR) installed.
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity and illumination sensors.

In order to operate the device, it’s only necessary to connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network (hotspot) that it generates or provides, as well as to use an application for Android and iPhone that collects data and images.

At the end of the task, the device is synchronized with the internet network to upload all the data and images collected to the Daiana cloud.

The hardware is autonomous for 7hs, works online and offline, it processes locally and via the cloud.

The technologies used for the project were: Raspberry, Python, Sklearn, Fast API, Postgres SQL, Swift and Kotlin, among others.







March 30, 2022