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Project Details

This project consists of a bot that operates in the Argentinean Stock Exchange and Markets (ByMA). It’s an application that executes tasks automatically emulating human behaviors/actions.

The Bot operates during market hours, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and during that time it constantly “listens” for every change in market data for securities such as Stocks, Bonds, CEDEARs, Negotiable Obligations, Surety bonds, etc. According to each update, it evaluates if there is an opportunity to obtain an immediate profit by executing two trades in series. 

All this evaluation is carried out based on strategies that financial experts apply on a daily basis, but thanks to the processing speed it has, it is practically immediate.

In case of an opportunity to make money, the bot checks the balance of the trading account with which it was launched and maximizes the profit.

For the following project we worked with Python, considered one of the best programming languages, because it supports all functionalities and guarantees fast and easy access to information. In addition, it has many interesting features, including the fact that it is an interpreter and a high-level object-oriented programming language, which makes it ideal for creating bots.

We can guarantee, after some time of having the bot running in production, that profits are higher than those offered by other risk-free alternatives. Another very important fact is that it is unattended, which means that it does not require action or control by the user.

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April 27, 2022


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