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Intermedia Makes It to ‘Top Software Development Companies at GoodFirms



The Argentina-based company, Intermedia was founded in 2012 to provide top-notch software development services. The company holds the vision of becoming a solid reference in the business sector where clients from across the globe can effortlessly satisfy their business demands for high-tech revolution. A team of proactive professionals in the technical industry fervently produces innovative products for several types of industries.


Intermedia’s highlights

  • +100 Concluded Projects
  • +9 Years in business
  • +95% Client’s satisfaction index

Interestingly! Intermedia is earmarked for ongoing improvement by delivering technological innovations and emphasizing the human aspect. Team members occupy center stage and readily grab personal and professional development opportunities. 


Team Intermedia values:

  • Incessant learning 
  • Devoted work, persistence, and fidelity 
  • Personal along with professional growth 
  • Custom-made attention and individual handling 
  • Complete trust team along with the clients
  • Sense of belongingness and teamwork 


Washington DC-based GoodFirms is an online platform that analyses and evaluates IT companies for offering its various services. This B2B research and review firm’s extensive research process ranks the IT companies, enhances their online reputation, and enables service seekers to select the apt technology partner that meets their business demands.

It employs three crucial parameters: Quality, Reliability, and Ability for the evaluation process that equate the gap between premium service providers and service consumers. 

Indeed, Intermedia does its utmost to bring the idea into reality. The team passionately builds and ships stunning digital products in the competitive market. The company possesses expertise in web and mobile app development. 


Intermedia’s Achievements:

  • Developed a robust portfolio of software solutions 
  • Worked with renowned Argentine companies like Telecom Group, Makro Supermarkets, and RedLink
  • Delivered services to global startups and foreign companies 


Interestingly, the company specializes in software development and possesses expertise in mobile and web solutions along with AI and IoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) services. 

Not only this! The dedicated team of experts efficiently develops innovative digital products and then expertly designs the products’ UX-UI. The company manages the quality assurance of the products until their maintenance. 

From start-ups to big corporations, the professionals deliver customized service to clients and provide assurance of the quality and reliability of digital products. Therefore, the outstanding services of Intermedia have enabled it to gain a prominent position amongst the Top Software Development Companies  in Argentina at GoodFirms. 

The mobile app developers work with leading native and hybrid mobile technologies and offer a complete solution such as UX/UI, backend development, back-office development, and maintenance. Additionally, the AI department enthusiastically develops different solutions such as KYC software, image recognition, and recommendation systems. 

The skilled and talented team’s work is immaculate and always meets the deadlines of the projects. The technical quality, knowledge, experience, and ability to generate solutions for the team members have exceeded the client’s expectations by providing them with high-quality finished products. 


Essential services offered by Intermedia are:

  • Companies willing to increase the number of software developers and professional technicians in their team can get the staffing service.
  • If the client is aware of the software product to be developed, then the turnkey solution is provided to the client.
  • The company’s maintenance team corrects the defects and problematic issues that may occur after the product’s launch and updates as per the requirements. 
  • If the clients are looking for the best technological solutions for their business, then they can approach the consulting team.